In case you wanted to know what Samuel L. Jackson looks like as a garden gnome, Goodwill in Milwaukee has you covered. You can also get a tea pot got when you want to binge Tiger King…

I don’t remember what these are called, and at this point I’m too aftaid to ask. Anyway, here is the Unsettling Teapot version: Found in a cafe/tea/antique shop in Mackinaw, MI. 25 Aug, 2020

We’ve got: uncle Bertie, my new teapot, santas new hotrod, twilight locker decorations for all your higshcool needs, house with a FAKE clock in it, madam corn cob, my new clown, and an atrocious plaster flamingo lamp i would have bought if it had worked. Sioux City, Iowa, 8/17/2020

Been wanting to share these for a while, a teapot in the shape of a pepper, and a hand drawn sad clown. From Victoria, Australia