bluelikethevoid: shiftythrifting: From Goodwill in Tucson, AZ. This reminds me of my mother’s jar of bums she got while travelling with her ex husband her what

A relic from the old times, and a questionable CD , found at my local thrift store

A little NSFW shirt found in a London Ontario Value Village (I definitely bought it)

1. Batman??? Stocking??? He’s got no legs and barely anything can fit in there 2. Santa baseball cap. Yup. 3. Obligatory spooky doll. I felt like her eyes were staring into my soul. 4. “Bottoms up!” 5. Creepy bagged stuffed dolls? There were about four of them around the store with the same face. 6….

“kum”(???) old ragged brown book called “sex for the experienced” box labeled “secrets” zombie jesus