Not sure what other meaning this could mean besides jesus is somebody’s drug dealer A dog who knows how good of a boi he is tag states “champion” Two weird squishy pig statues that did nothing I got super excited cause I thought these were a box of the outlawed lawn darts but sadly they…

A whole situation. The handle says #myfandoms. Included that I know of are Divergent, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Loki, Star Wars, The Fault in Our Stars, The Walking Dead, possibly Homestuck????? And push pin??? Y’all help I did NOT buy it because I don’t need more mugs, or a reminder of pre-Dashcon Tumblr. Found in…

Pregnancy torso mug, complete with bulging belly button. Found at goodwill in Asheville, NC for $1. I’m a little obsessed.

1) Local cryptid, not for sale
2) Illumination puzzles
3) Neenja tortles
4) Lego Batman image lexicon
5) Knockoff Twister ft. Knockoff Jimmy Neutron characters
6) Half a mug
7) The 1997 advent calendar in an unopened state
8) Goat head
9) “Benny Brown and his upper lip down” a book by the creator of Three friends and Jerry