coffee-in-wine-glasses: Hey guys they got that spongebob sal-ad on Facebook marketplace shiftythrifting: This was on the Facebook marketplace in my city for roughly 6 months but it seems to be gone now because I can’t find it anymore

revengeofgojira: shiftythrifting: 1) “Sweden’s worst vinyl covers” (I bought it)
2) A pike 
3) A food truck RPG 
4) Leeeeg
5) Dragon ball boardgame
6) Top gun joystick Not just a joy stick, it’s  THE THRUSTMASTER

I have so many questions but no clue where to start with them Admin Didi here, the only valid question is where do I put it?

blushing-badger: shiftythrifting: I saw these cute lil sailor bears at a goodwill and I had a need for them, and as you can see I bought them (Waterloo, IA) This was the first thing I thought of and couldn’t resist.

otterfire: shiftythrifting: Submission from Sarah: There was a LOT of Snoopy merch at an antique store. These are the only pics I was able to get. Your blog has turned into a Peanut Gallery