Goodwill finally opened up again and man were there some Things.  1. Sydney Opera House shaped cream dispenser? 2. Extremely judgmental goose plates 3. CSI Las Vegas travel mug??? 4. A plastic cup where you can stick your own image inside, featuring cross-stitch owls 5. Extra Lorge Borb 6. So many of these weird kissing…

mushroom glasses! the print goes all the way around the glass so i put the paper inside so you can see the design.

Charity shops are still closed, but I saw my first beet poot in the window of one! (Hounslow, London)

what do a sillisculpt, a terrifying baseball trophy, a vintage chili cheese warmer, clown cross stitch, freddy the fish, mexican ginny of international brides, timothys tunes and criss angel’s platinum magic kit have in common? the fact that theyre all in timeless antiques and angel’s antiques in alabama and terrifying me.