1. FART the audio Cd game (?????) 2. A bizzare elvis water bottle 3. Pro Grandma Mug 4. A beer stien with a terror horse, and yes that is wood 5. Skull jars 6. A metric cup Found in a Goodwill in Greensboro NC

I’ve been buying weird and cool Knick knacks at my local goodwill and this Exceptionally Long Duck butter tin thing was one of my recent purchases. She now lives rent free on my dresser (but was placed on the bed for this picture because my dresser is a mess.)

1. Flasher cow who my friends and i have affectionately dubbed “milkin’ Melvin” 2. Dragandle, cousin of swandle, corndle, and cowbandles. 3. …Shellfish Located at goodwill in monroe, washington