1) Old PC game with one of those sick huge boxes 2) “A real shit book” ¾) Spice girls and BSB VHS’es 5) Land before time Sing-Along 6) A record of bird calls, charmingly enough with a dead fox on the cover 7) Ginga nagareboshi Gin, AKA Silver fang, with its legendary Swedish dub

1: my newest son who I love very much (his name is boobie the boobah) 2: I was tempted to try it but I am crunchy and have no balance 3: the worst magic set that I was still tempted to buy 4: a nearly full set of markers that all worked and cost 4$….

Pokemon cards!! I bought the bag of holos but left the rest due to budget reasons. Easily 3000+ there though. St vinnies in springfield oregon