Some finds from a local hopes treasures! Who had so many frogs??? Whys there a lady under that couch??? Bad ourse for 75% off?? Feet cup!!!!!! And. A frog outhouse?????????? And sonic the hedgehogs original movie design

Cursed humpty dumpties, fat bird, humpty 2.0, chicken lovers, a fish butter dish, an inspirational sign, duck measuring cups that I regret leaving, and a large bean bag-like pumpkin. Also we found a thrift that had 4 cats. Various thrifts and antique stores in Lawrenceville GA.

A Barbie Polaroid I wish I bought but had no tag a star wars? Giant action figure and a Roman soldier vogueing

I feel like I had stumbled a crossed a goose meeting and I was not ment to be privy to whatever they were planning.