Submission from Nikki: Vintage mugs found at an Ohio Thrift Store. “Here’s to me!AristocratA prince of guysI’ll drink to that!” “Here’s to successMuch over-ratedDid I say that?I’m intoxicated!”

this was from ages ago at the store i work at, i cannot even begin to tell you the disappointment that flooded over me as i discovered it actually said “beers” 

Also, I don’t know if this counts but one of my most prized possessions is this note found in a thrifted copy of Looking for Alaska

A naughty juice bottle 😮 A non shifty, very sweet cow window. I wanted it badly Little bunny foo foo hears ALL… A giant foam horse head These naked babies are in cahoots A terrifying off brand Barbie that was priced more than some actual Barbies I want to see the Santa that drove this…