1. A nice frog cup i didnt get because no room in the cupboard 2. “Lol funny” old person cup 3. “I went to germany once” cup 4. Shoes in excellent condition i forgot to picture at the store i only got for $8 All seen at Karms in Knoxville

Hi! Possible beetpoot cousin and screaming frog box, which I took home, a definitely haunted Mickey squeaky toy and a glass clown bottle that had been hidden in a side room by the manager because she “hated looking at it”. Found @ Kitten Vintage in Mackay, QLD Aus

Chicken orb 1 and chicken orb 2 (with bonus chicken plate), plus cute goose candle holder(?) on wheels that’s probably a fire hazard Also some bonus friends Goodwill, Davis CA

explodinggirl: shiftythrifting: At the Antique Mall in Lawrence, Kansas Guess kfc has been making weird shit for years The Colonel is the original shitposter.

hamvendor: shiftythrifting: A not-Beetpoot, a sillisculpt, a bedpan-banjo, and a game I didn’t know existed. All found in Gainesville, GA Baby come over I’ve got a bedpan guitar and the black eyed peas experience