1. Old dolls. 2. Very, very vintage radio. 3. Very, very vintage typewriter. 3. Clown elephant? Clown elephant. 4. Clown donkey? Clown donkey. Main Street Antiques, Fulton, MS.

1. An oddly familiar old lady (whose old man was at the back of the row of pictures) 2. IGN Game of the Year 9.8/10 3. Old Elvis magazines 3. An old couple 4. Jesus Christ Superstar vinyl Main Street Antiques, Fulton, MS.

1. I have no idea why this shot glass is made to look like a weed scrip???? The text still sounds specific to booze 2. BIG FLASK. 3. Adorable tiny cast iron but what the heck For???? Bought it.

Found this gem at a Samaritan Shop. Had to take him home, he was only 75ยข I named him Green Bean Chef.