Shifty Live

Upcoming Live Event:

Save the date, New England!  The Shifty Night Market is happening!

Join the ShiftyThrifting team at historic Ralph’s Rock Diner, at 148 Grove St in Worcester, Mass for Dirty Gerund Poetry; a night of live open mic entertainment, featuring our cheap weird stuff!   This 21+ event is a swap meet style setup, you can bring your small oddities to trade for ours or you can purchase things with cash or credit card.  Everything we sell is $10 or less, we have tons of stuff for just a dollar!  Everyone here in Worcester is broke and we want to make sure you can go home with something cool on the cheap.

Stuff Didi and Sam are particularly fond of for trade purposes: Godzilla/kaiju stuff, Pokemon, Muppets, He-man, vintage weirdness, old gross cookbooks, Choose Your Own Adventure novels, Zelda merch, fashion dolls, action figures, wrestling stuff, Monster High, creepy stuff that could be haunted, Star Trek, Warhammer 40k, old bones, cool stones, and similar wacky nonsense.

Things we will be selling: weird old books, fashion dolls, toys from your childhood, vintage decor, pins, keychains, band shirts, cool tapes, tarot decks, crystals, old kids meal toys, cool sci-fi stuff, stickers, creepy figures, clowns, comics, plushies, collectable cards, video games, strange framed things, and god knows what else.

Please do NOT bring us: anything huge, furniture, ceramics/pottery/breakables (Didi drops these things), anything dusty or dirty, anything broken, or anything with fur/feathers (allergy).

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The Dirty Gerund Poetry Show happens every Monday evening at Ralph’s and is a 21+ open mic, poetry, music, art, noisy amazing event.  Please be good to the performers and the venue and stick around for a wonderful evening!  We will be having a special Shifty Ruckus and a MASSIVE Junk Box auction at the end of the night!



Coming soon: All ages meetup @ Worcester Savers w/ the Admin team (pending permission from Savers) You guys keep asking, let’s go on a shifty shopping trip together.  Meet up at the Dunkies down the way before, fuel up, and let’s find some clown heads. This will probably go down on a Wednesday or Sunday afternoon.