What do you take?

Anything you find at a thrift store, charity shop, yard sale, boot sale, antique store, flea market, etc is allowed.  We selectively accept images from dollar stores and online thrift stores.

What do you NOT take?

Racist items, photos of people in the thrift store, photos you found elsewhere and did not take yourself, and things we have seen a million times already.  Here is our Gallery of Regrettable Refusals, it updates regularly.

Where’s my submission?

We get quite a backlog sometimes so please be patient.  Some submissions are turned away.  We simply cannot take everything we get anymore due to volume.

What’s with the beet poot stuff?

Beet Poot is our official unofficial mascot.  He was just a random submission that the fans really liked.  Read his whole story here.

Where are you finding all this weird stuff?

This blog is powered by submissions so many of our posts are from all over the world.  The ST admins are all in the US.