About Us

Meet Team Shifty!

Admin Didi: founder, design
Admin Otter: artist, partner in crime
Admin Sam: merch, queues
Admin Duckie: model, queues

Tumblr Admins: McNerd, Ten
Twitter Admin: Zack
Instagram Admin: Van

Discord Mod Team:

Mister Softie, WanderLostGirl, BeatCommando, synthstrings, Haru, Poison, dackeleinhorn

About the blog:

ShiftyThrifting started on tumblr in 2013 as a way to keep Admin Didi busy while she was losing weight and thrift shopping for a new wardrobe.  We reached over 100k followers in 2018 and have had loads of milestones in between.

We love getting submissions and stories from people all over the world and welcome everyone to share the shifty.