I had less answers by turning it around

Found in Hartville, Ohio

Like @leavemebetosleep (I can’t @ you? sorry) said in the notes, it’s probably from the Gene line.

Gene was (one of?) the first collectors’ fashion doll(s?) to be 1-4 scale, in the 1990s, designed by Mel Odom and manufactured by Ashton-Drake. They’re roughly 16-inches in height – taller than Barbie, but smaller than American Girl dolls.

Tonner and other companies joined in, making their own 1-4 dolls, in the late 1990s. I don’t think AG’s Gene lasted beyond 2005ish. Integrity Toys later picked up the line and made their own version. After that, JamieShow made resin versions.

Of all the convention stuff I’ve seen on ebay, I’ve never seen this before. I’ll have to consult my reference book to see if it’s really from that convention. But those eyes have me convinced.

Doll community coming through again with them weird IDs. Thank you!

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