Its funny when ever i try to talk about this blog irl (which i will do a lot) i always mispronounce it as thrifty shifting even tho i know its shifty thrifting lmao hope yall are having a good day!!

True fact, I stumble over it half the time and I made the name.  It’s a bitch for people who think faster than they talk.

Do you ever worry that this blog will create an inadvertent Mandela Effect thing with the people who though it was shittythrifting and the people who know it’s always been shiftythrifting? And that it’ll become like the Berenstain Bears?

It basically already is.  We’ve been yelling into the void at people insisting it was shitty since 2013.  shittythrifting is us in the better timeline.

Mothman hoodie!!! I got it today and I love it!!! I also got your “this shirt is only blue when I’m thinking about dwarves” hoodie, and the vaporbee shirt!!! I love all of them <3 

shiftythrifting: I’m home much sooner than expected, so the Junk Box store is open again and restocked.  We have a new Pins and Patches Box too!