The Origin of Beet Poot

Gather around children, and learn the origins of Beet Poot as told by Admin Didi.

There once was a submission, a long, long ago in the before time when things were quiet.  It was an unassuming beet root jar that appeared to be up to something.

“The R is faded, it looks like it says Poot,” cried the masses.  They did love the Beet Poot jar.  But they did not expect his next of kin.

Suddenly everyone was finding a cousin or brother of Poot.  So many came in that we had to start a Beet Poot and Friends tag.  Some were cute, some were absolutely terrifying.  We did not see another original Beet Poot until Admin Otter browsed UK ebay one day for pottery…

And that’s how I ended up with Reet Root, son of Beet Poot. He became our mascot by sheer happenstance.   Since then we’ve found three more, Otter has one, one went to our 110k Follower Giveaway, another was gifted to a fan.  That’s the story, for now…


Beet Poot is made by Unique Pottery in the UK and is often lumped in with Sylva C’s pottery on eBay and etsy.

Beet Poot Day is May 14th, 2018 and has been celebrated as our anniversary date since then, as the blog was founded in May of 2013.